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Our Philosophy

As stated in our mission, EPIC for Girls funds innovative solutions that address inequities in sports for girls of color. Research shows that access to and participation in the world of sports will have positive impacts in a young girls’ life. Whether you are the star athlete or the team manager, engagement in the team dynamic of sports will increase confidence, improve self-esteem and improve life chances for girls, specifically girls of color.

Priority is given to organizations that align with EPIC for Girls core values of Equity, Collaboration, Courage, Excellence, and Determination. EPIC for Girls will consider applications  from sports programs and those programs that address the whole girl through innovative and thoughtful programming supporting the recruitment and retention of girls in sports.


  1. Resources: Gain access to financial resources to help support your organization and expand your funding sources.
  2. Visibility: Join forces with EPIC to increase your organization’s reach and visibility in the community.
  3. Knowledge: Attend professional development trainings and exchanges best practices with other like-minded organizations working to advance girls through sport.
  4. Support: Connect with EPIC staff members to get support on navigating nonprofit management, grant writing, program support, strategic planning, and financial management.

 2023 Grassroots/Select Grant Timeline

  1. February 15 – Email and request LOI.
  2. March 1 – Return completed LOI.
  3. March 15 – Invitations to apply will be sent.
  4. March 31 – Completed applications due.
  5. April 1 – 15 Grant Review Team consisting of EPIC and non-EPIC members will send recommendations to EPIC Board.
  6. April 15 – Grant awards announced.
  7. December 15 – Grant Report Due.
  8. March 15 – Final Report Due.

 2023 OPS Grant Timeline

  1. June 2-June 30 – Email and request link.
  2. June 15-July 15 -Rolling deadline for completed applications.
  3. June 30-July 30 – Grant awards announced.
  4. December 15 – Grant Report Due.
  5. May 15 – Final Report Due.


  1. Nonprofit 501c3 organization, OPS High School, or have a fiscal sponsor. 
  2. Serve girls, primarily girls of color, through sports OR Must serve girls, primary girls of color, in an effort to recruit, retain, or enhance participation in sports. 
  3. For sports programs, meet requirements as a grassroots, select or OPS high school sports program. 
  4. Ability to provide data regarding girls served (demographics and zip code), data regarding coaches and/or service provider (demographics and zip code), enrolled school, type of organization, clear budget, and address sustainability of the organization.

Grassroots sports programs are designed to serve as an entry point into sport, practicing regularly for health, educational, and/or social purposes. Programs may be found in the after-school setting or competing in local recreational (non-travel) leagues. 


  • No fundraising required
  • Everyone makes a team, everyone plays
  • Entry point into sport
  • Practice regularly for health, educational, and/or social purposes
  • Programs may be found in the after-school setting or competing at local recreational (non-travel) leagues


Examples from prior funding:

  • Football for the World
  • The Keys Foundation
  • Simple Foundation
  • Ivy League Sports Academy

Select Sports programs have one or more of the following elements: a selection or evaluation process for team formation; competitive league, tournament, or competition play; inter-state travel. Select programs typically require a team fee. 


  • Typically requires a fee to participate
  • Participate in a competitive league, tournaments, or inter-state travel
  • Fundraising opportunities are generally present to help offset expenses
  • Teams are selected according to age and skill level
  • Players may or may not be cut from teams
  • A selection or evaluation process for team formation.


Examples of Select Sports programs from prior funding:

  • Express United
  • NE Hoops Elite
  • Retro Hoops
  • Starlings
  • I AM Dance

Sports programs for females entering high school-senior year of school and enrolled in an OPS Nebraska State Activities Association Sport. OPS female sports programs are eligible to receive grant funds from EPIC if they meet the following requirements.

There will be two types of grants, matching and non-matching. Grants are intended to increase access, resources, and safe playing spaces for girls, primarily girls of color, in sports.

  1. Matching Grants are for activities, equipment, training, and resources that directly impact the school team but occur outside of school-sponsored and in-season activities. Grants will not be made to individuals. Grants are not restricted to certain expenses so long as they directly impact the girls and/or team. The team/program must provide a 1:1 match to receive funds.
  2. Non-Matching Grants are for activities, equipment, training, and resources that directly impact the in-season school team. Grants are not restricted to certain expenses so long as they directly impact the girls and/or team. Grants will not be made to individuals. There is no matching requirement.

Examples of OPS Schools from prior funding:

  • Omaha Benson 
  • Omaha South
  • Omaha North
  • Omaha Northwest
  • Omaha Bryan
  • Omaha Central